What is the role of a jewellery expert?

Selling and buying jewellery and gold is done in a very particular way. It is not enough to put the price of your choice on any gemstone. The latter should be assessed by an expert. With qualifications and years of experience, a jewellery expert can put a reasonable value on your jewellery. His/her services are necessary to avoid scams and counterfeiting.

The main mission of a jewellery expert

No matter what your precious goods are, the expert must put a definitive value on them. To do so, he/she analyses the authenticity of the jewel. There are many parameters to consider. The condition of the jewel plays an important role, the more it looks new, the more its value increases. Note that the value can decrease if there are several components. A pure gold jewel is more valuable than one with two or three different components. The age of a piece of jewellery also increases its price. The quality of the transformation and the nature of the stone are other parameters. Professionals can do a jewel expertise in Nice or in your city.

The benefits of using jewellery expertise

A jewellery appraisal, such as the one carried out by Achat Or Conseil Nice, allows you to put a value on a precious jewel, a rough gemstone or gold. The analyses made during the appraisal session are recorded in an official document which, in turn, is a certificate that must accompany the jewel regardless of its destination and is an important part of the sale or purchase of a precious good. The contents of the certificate must not be changed. Only the gold and jewellery expert can make changes, if a jewellery appraisal is required over time.

The qualifications of a jewellery expert

Extensive studies where one can learn about jewellery and precious stones in all their forms are necessary to become a jewellery expert. A thorough knowledge of metals and other jewellery components is also necessary. After the training, a diploma is obviously awarded to the person in question. Last but not least, a jewellery appraisal must the result of an official and accredited jewellery appraiser's work. He/she must know about new techniques and updates in the field as self-learning is very important to avoid counterfeiters.

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