Gold buyback: the specific cases of ingots

These days, in addition to buying gold from your local jeweller, you can buy it from e-commerce sites. Compared to gold coins and jewellery, ingots can be worth a lot as long as you consider a few things before you buy them.

Determining the quality of gold ingots

Before buying back gold, make sure it is pure! The carat is the unit commonly used to measure this feature. The higher it is, the less the metal is mixed.  In the case of 24 karat gold, the level of impurity is therefore extremely low. When buying gold ingots, it is useful to know where these were refined. Note that if you negotiate with a very reputable seller, you are less likely to be ripped off. In any case, it is essential to find out more about the seller and compare prices between several reliable suppliers.

Buying gold online: key points

The most important thing to remember when buying gold bars online is to look for the relevant certification. This is your main guarantee that the precious metal you are investing in is certified (stamped). If the ingots is packaged as it is when you buy it online, do not take it out of the package as keeping the packaging intact helps maintain the purity of the gold bar. When buying online, always check the return or buy-back policy in Nice or elsewhere in France. Nowadays, most major gold chains have virtual shops where they offer both returns and exchanges. However, the conditions that should be met are strict compared to other items sold online.

Tips on how to store gold ingots

Choosing the right place to store gold bars is not easy. For an acceptable level of sefety, consider a safe that should never be in plain sight. You might even consider using decoy valuables, placing cheap jewellery or gold coins in more obvious places in your home that would fool thieves. Some people even choose to bury their gold. If you decide to go this route, make sure you use an airtight, waterproof, insect-proof and erosion-proof container. However, keep in mind that metal detectors can detect metal objects up to 1.50m deep.

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