18, 25, 30… How to save in accordance of your age?

There is no right time to start saving. Each period of life has its obligations and projects. Some start at a young age, and those who start at the end of their career….

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Life insurance: 10 tips for successful investing

Life insurance is a very interesting agreement for anyone who wants to save money and pass it on or to benefit from a complementary retirement. This is why this investment remains an inevitable…

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How to set up your savings plan?

If you want to make your money grow for a project, you’d better make an effective savings plan. To do this, you need to focus on your objectives while taking into account the…

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Life insurance: how to get a deceased relative’s money back?

Life insurance is a financial investment that facilitates the transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Following the death of a loved one, even though the steps of claiming the life insurance sum are relatively…

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The basic rules to know before investing in the stock market

There are too many factors that affect the stock market that it is impossible to predict how it will behave. If you are not careful, the seductive charm of the stock market could…

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