Selling jewellery: how to get a good deal?

Selling jewellery can be done at a jeweller's or between individuals. Sales are subject to strict rules; a piece of jewellery must be accompanied by a certificate of authentication. Its value hmust be assessed by an expert. Marketing jewellery with a value that exceeds what is reasonable is therefore very difficult...

Ask for help from an expert in the field

Even if you are a connoisseur yourself, selling jewellery is more beneficial when done with the help of an expert. You can contact a jewellery store like Achat Or Conseil, as they have a vast network of customers who can buy your jewellery in no time. However, any jeweller must prove his/her professionalism to you. To avoid falling into a trap, do not hesitate to ask for records and statistics on successful sales at reasonable prices. You can trust these types of jewellery shops. All transactions are safe and secure, and are recorded in writing.

Figuring out the right time to sell your jewellery

The price of gold jewellery has lately been increasing. The price of a piece of gold jewellery has increased by 4 to 6% every year. Indeed, the same piece of jewellery that you bought 5 years ago can be worth a considerable amount now. You need to know a bit about finance to know which is the right time to sell. Note that the health crisis is one of the golden periods for selling jewellery. The stock market has been on the rise, following the small drop in the US dollar. Investors rushed to buy back jewellery. These events inflate the value of jewellery on the market and are the ideal times to pick up bargains.

Competition is your most valuable asset

Selling jewellery goes as follows; you contact a qualified jewellery store and after a telephone conversation, you send your jewellery to the expert. note that a secure envelope is required for this step. A thorough analysis will be carried out by the jeweller and the price fixed based on an expertise. A cheque will be sent to you afterwards, with the price proposed by the buyers. Before sending your goods, you can ask for a rough estimate of the jewel. This is when the magic happens, you can contact two or three jewellery stores to make a comparison.

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