Business : how to manage all your leases ?

The rental agreement, also known as a lease agreement, is a document relating to the determination of the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord concerning the rental of a material good such…

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Bi and EPM : what’s the difference ?

There are several software packages for managing a company. You are the primary manager and connoisseur of your business, but there are some software packages that you should not miss. Like BI and…

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How can CFOs and CPAs easily collaborate ?

Having your own business has always been a dream of many people. Building a team of efficient employees is important in this order. For example, every company needs a CFO and a CPA…

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What are the new accounting standards for lease management ?

Leasing is a common financial solution for some organisations. It allows companies to dispose of equipment without having to raise funds or make major investments in plant and property. What are the new…

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