Top 5 websites and apps to get things for free

Recovering items for free is an economical and eco-friendly act. The items available cover all the daily needs of a person. Whether you need appliances, clothes, ecological and recyclable items, all are available on free item recovery websites. All you need to do is to do some research, and register as a donor or receiver.

The best recovery websites

These sites were created by a few groups of people to help each other. The best sites are easy to use and accessible to a large number of Internet users. You can register as a donor or as a recipient. For beneficiaries, all you have to do is search for the item you need on the site. A classified ad will allow you to receive free donations within hours or days. You may have access to other services such as rentals or exchanges. The consoglobe site is one of the best, followed by other more efficient sites such as donnons or freecycle.

Recycling apps to make life easier

There is nothing better than a smartphone application to facilitate your donation and retrieval activities. Simply download the app to your smartphone, install it and enjoy its many benefits. The navigation is almost the same as on the free item websites. At first, you have to register, this step is particularly recommended for donors. Then you can search for the item you need. From clothes to recycled objects, the items are very varied! Note that the main benefit is is the geolocation option as it allows you to find lost items in the street and makes recovery very easy and fast. The exchanges with the donors are also very efficient, you can send private messages via the app, without going through phone or email exchanges. The best performing apps are smartcyle and geev.

Bonus tips for using retrieval platforms

Before you register, it is very important to know the platform rules. For instance, it is forbidden to exchange or donate animals, only objects are accepted for donations and other activities. Sales are also forbidden; the websites are not-for-profit and each user must respect this rule for the proper functioning of the platform. People who prospect for services will also be banned from the website.

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