How to pay less for Netflix?

Published on : 04 November 20213 min reading time
It is no coincidence that the American SVOD platform, Netflix, has entered many homes. Extensive and regularly updated catalogues, exclusive productions and original series: all these are reasons that make Netflix a success.

Share your subscription

A very simple trick to pay less for Netflix is to share your subscription with several people. Because access is linked to the account and not to the location. There is nothing to stop you from sharing the account with friends, family or colleagues! For example, using premium discounts, you can watch the service on 4 screens at the same time. You just need to find 3 friends interested in the platform. You pay monthly, they pay back your share each time and everyone wins! Because it will cost 3 € per person per month! Moreover, dozens of users can be created for the same Netflix account. Finally, the preferences of each user and the current series or movie will be saved.

Subscribe to Netflix with VPN

If you don’t have any friends to share your subscription with or don’t want to mess with changing your account every four days, signing up for Netflix with a VPN is also a godd idea. If you don’t know what a VPN is, the utility allows you to connect to another computer remotely. In other words, you use another computer’s Internet stream to browse and subsequently sign up for the Netflix service. The computer can be located in the US, Argentina, India or anywahere in the world, depending on the VPN used. Because you should know that the platform exists in many countries and regions of the world and the standard of living is different in each country. In some countries, paying 15 euros for a subscription seems too high.

Pay less for Netflix using the IPTV box

Small multimedia boxes have been invading many living rooms for several years now. They are called IPTV boxes and cost no more than tens of euros, allowing you to benefit from numerous channels and pay services in exchange for a subscription (around 50 euros per yea). These IPTV boxes are sold on the largest online shopping sites. Subscription offers are multiplying and the authorities are not able to take effective measures. For consumers, the service is almost the same, but the final cost is usually halved, and in some cases tripled.