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Tax exemption solutions

How to reduce
your taxes ?

Tax exemption solutions
Investing in tax-free real estate

Investing in tax-free real estate

The investment in the new real estate makes it possible to reduce the taxes durably thanks to tax exemption measures.

Carry out energy saving work

Carry out energy saving work

Ventilation, solar energy and replacement of windows allow for energy savings

Investing in the capital of an SME

Investing in an SME allows you to achieve high returns while benefiting from tax exemption.


Lease management

Lease administration software helps commercial real estate professionals prepare, analyze, and distribute leases and relevant documentation. … Lease administration software is commonly used by leasing agents and tenant representatives at commercial real estate companies.

Lease Insight is an accounting software dedicated to the management of your leases, compliant with ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Investing in collectibles

Promising investments

Investing in collectibles has a lasting aspect and can be lucrative. You don’t have to collect cars, luxury watches or art to build up a good portfolio.

The collector’s item par excellence is the stamp. With an average increase in value of 250% over 10 years, stamps are among the best returns on investment.


How to invest your money ?

Investing in the stock market

Consistent dividend yield

Investing in the stock market

To invest in the stock market, you need to buy shares of listed companies

Comparison of bank investments

Banking products

Stock market investments, term accounts, life insurance, PEL, regulated savings accounts…

Life insurance

Building and managing financial assets

Life insurance

The life insurance contract boosts the profitability of financial investments in order to gain returns.

Tips for smart consumption

Good plans to
spend less

Save a few hundred euros a year by applying a series of tips every day. Take advantage of loyalty cards and plan your holidays during low seasons.

Using loyalty cards
Loyalty cards issued by retailers encourage loyal consumers to make more purchases. This item allows targeted offers to be distributed.
Tips for smart consumption

Real estate investments

How to benefit from tax
exemption in real estate ?

Pinel Law

Pinel Law

The Pinel law replaces the Duflot measure by implementing some relaxations.

Denormandie Law

Denormandie Law

The Denormandie measure is granted to those who invest in rental property located in an old degraded district.

Malraux Law

The Malraux law favors the conservation of real estate heritage.

Tips for improving your pensions

How to prepare for
retirement today ?



The PERP allows you to save during your working life in order to obtain a retirement in life or in capital.



The PERCO allows both employees and companies to benefit from social and fiscal advantages.

The Madelin pension

The Madelin contract

The Madelin contract is intended for employees of the liberal professions and the self-employed.